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Hygienic Flooring

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Our Hygienic Flooring Options

Floortrak supply and professionally install a range of hygienic flooring solutions that you can guarantee meets the hygiene standards and health regulations that are required when working within a variety of different industries.

With features such as an anti-slip finish, wipe clean surfaces and high durability, our range of hygienic flooring solutions offer the qualities you need in order to suit your business perfectly, whatever industry you are in.

We understand that different types of work in each industry requires a variety of skills and different pieces of equipment, which is why we ensure that our hygienic flooring is made with a higher percentage of aggregates than other flooring methods, resulting in increased strength and durability.

For more information about our hygienic flooring solutions, contact our team on 01794 885 996

Our range of industrial flooring solutions provides an array of benefits that cater effectively to a variety of different industries, however the following options reflect our most suitable flooring methods that are specifically designed to offer an easy-clean, resilient and abrasion resistant surface to form a hygienic environment:

Flow Applied Epoxy Flooring

With its durability and easy-clean qualities, this flooring system is an ideal choice for areas such as laboratories, warehouses and factories, as well as educational premises and healthcare areas. The choice of colours this flooring is available in makes it a particularly versatile heavy duty flooring method.

Find out more about the properties of our Flow Applied Epoxy flooring


Self Smoothing


Slip Resistant Surface


Hard Wearing Substance

Heavy Duty Resin Flooring

This flooring material is extremely hard wearing and durable, making it the ideal choice for food preparation areas, such as kitchens.The hard wearing aggregates that are used within this flooring help to ensure that even worn areas retain their colour, keeping your floor looking as good as new for as long as possible.

Read more about this hard-wearing, hygienic flooring solution


Hygienic wipe-clean surface


Heat Resistant to High Temperatures


Ideal for Kitchen Preparation Areas

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