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Heavy duty industrial flooring contractors specialising in factory units, warehouses and commercial premises throughout Hampshire, London and the UK

Floor Seals

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Floor Seal Properties

Sealing of concrete is undertaken to provide a protective film to the surface which prevents dusting. It also prevents water penetration of the concrete which can be a major cause of degradation. The application of a sealer coat will also strengthen the floor and make cleaning easier.

Floor sealers are generally clear rather than coloured and can be either standard epoxy which will provide a shiny ‘wet look’ concrete or Water Based Epoxy which can be applied to newer green concrete but will not usually give the shine of the standard epoxy.

Our two component water sealers are designed for industrial premises such as warehouses, production floors, shop floors, showroom areas and any area where the concrete is porous or dusting.

For more information on our floor seals, please contact our team.

Typical Installations across Industrial and Commercial Sectors




Production Floors


Shop Floors


Vehicle Showrooms

System Properties

Please find the system properties below

  •  Solvent Free
  •  Surface Strengthening Effect
  •  Damp Tolerant (Water Based Version)
  •  Improve Adhesion of Coatings
  •  Clear
  •  Dustproof
  •  Easy to Maintain
  •  For Mineral Substrates
  •  Very Economic
  •  Fast Drying

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