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14th September 2020

How to prevent warehouse flooring damage

As with most things in life – prevention is usually better than cure. This is no exception when it comes to industrial flooring damage. Luckily, being leaders in heavy duty industrial flooring, the expert team at Floortrak knows just how to prevent flooring damage at your warehouse facility and increase its overall longevity. Here are some regular maintenance tips to help eliminate premature damage to your warehouse flooring.

Clean dust, debris, and small metal parts

Loose nails, misplaced machinery, tools and other small metal parts can all cause serious damage to your flooring, especially when its more than one of these things happening at once. For instance, leaving a nail on the floor could lead to it then being run over by some heavy machinery, causing it to impale your floor and not only leave a crack on that flooring area, but also weaken the entire structure of the flooring. Cleaning the floor at least once a week would help keep damage to a minimum.

Check forklifts, lift trucks and other vehicles

Depending on the size of your warehouse you might have free roaming forklifts and vehicles used to store heavy items. We recommend always double checking all vehicle tyres that pass through the warehouse to make sure that they are not contributing to any damage to the floor. A pro tip here is to look out for worn out tyres by spotting any tyre marks if you can; worn out tyres can cause damage to your warehouse flooring.

Refresh the layout

Think about the design and layout of the warehouse and look for opportunities to change up the layout so that areas of the floor that always stay covered are uncovered and maintained with some cleaning. Don’t miss a spot!

Invest in professional cleaning

It’s worth calling in a professional cleaning company a of couple of times a year to come and scrub up your warehouse facility so that not only dust and debris is removed, but also any potentially chemicals that could be harmful to your flooring is cleared away with the appropriate cleaning agent. A deep clean allows you to detect early signs of damage and even prevent some. Besides regular in-house cleaning, having a dedicated team to clean your floor can actually help you save on repair costs.

Floortrak is a leading industrial and commercial flooring specialist operating throughout the UK. So, if you’d like to learn more about epoxy flooring, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly team for expert advice.

Heavy duty industrial and commercial flooring specialists operating throughout the UK
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